Who’s Happy Harry?

Happy Harry the clown can be described as dopey at times—when he’s introduced to you he might get mixed up and think your name is Happy Harry. Sometimes his magic tricks are mystifying, but sometimes he’s just as surprised as everyone else at the outcome. He loves corny jokes, gags, and puns, and sharing smiles.

James E. Cooper is the person behind the nose. Working with Kingdom Karactors (when they were in Maryland) prompted my start in clowning. Since then I’ve developed the character of Happy Harry and particular style of humor and entertainment through parties, parades, and other events; through seminars, workshops and conferences; and through various organizations I’ve been a member of. I strive to be the best that I can be.

I also have up-to-date copies of the same paperwork required of child care providers (criminal background and child abuse). And I’m CPR certified.

Happy Harry the clown is a professional; Happy Harry’s entertainment is good, clean fun. There is no adult content, not even when requested. I have a commitment to God and to the profession of clowning to do the best I can do at all times.

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